Cisco Router Configuration Tutorial

Cisco Router Configuration Tutorial 


Cisco Inter-network Operating System:

Cisco IOS Modes of Operation

The Cisco IOS software provides access to several different command modes.
Each command mode provides a different group of related commands.

For security purposes, the Cisco IOS software provides two levels of access to
commands: user and privileged. The unprivileged user mode is called user EXEC
mode. The privileged mode is called privileged EXEC mode and requires a
password. The commands available in user EXEC mode are a subset of the
commands available in privileged EXEC mode.

The following table describes some of the most commonly used modes, how to
enter the modes, and the resulting prompts. The prompt helps you identify which
mode you are in and, therefore, which commands are available to you

Mode of


How to Enter the



Change terminal
settings on a temporary
basis, perform basic
tests, and list system

First level accessed.


Privileged EXEC

System administration,
set operating

From user EXEC
mode, enter enable
password command


Global Config

Modify configuration that
affect the system as a

From privileged
EXEC, enter
configure terminal.


Interface Config

Modify the operation of
an interface.

From global mode,
enter interface type



Create the initial

From privileged EXEC
mode, enter
command setup.

Prompted dialog

User EXEC Mode:

When you are connected to the router, you are started in user EXEC mode. The
user EXEC commands are a subset of the privileged EXEC commands.

Privileged EXEC Mode:

Privileged commands include the following:

• Configure – Changes the software configuration.
• Debug – Display process and hardware event messages.
• Setup – Enter configuration information at the prompts.

Enter the command disable to exit from the privileged EXEC mode and return to
user EXEC mode.

Configuration Mode

Configuration mode has a set of submodes that you use for modifying interface
settings, routing protocol settings, line settings, and so forth. Use caution with
configuration mode because all changes you enter take effect immediately.

To enter configuration mode, enter the command configure terminal and exit by
pressing Ctrl-Z.


Almost every configuration command also has a no form. In general, use the no
form to disable a feature or function. Use the command without the keyword no
to re-enable a disabled feature or to enable a feature that is disabled by default.
For example, IP routing is enabled by default. To disable IP routing, enter the no
ip routing command and enter ip routing to re-enable it.

Getting Help

In any command mode, you can get a list of available commands by entering a
question mark (?).


To obtain a list of commands that begin with a particular character sequence,
type in those characters followed immediately by the question mark (?).


 configure connect copy

To list keywords or arguments, enter a question mark in place of a keyword or
argument. Include a space before the question mark.

Router#configure ?

memory Configure from NV memory

network Configure from a TFTP network host

terminal Configure from the terminal

You can also abbreviate commands and keywords by entering just enough
characters to make the command unique from other commands. For example,
you can abbreviate the show command to sh.

Configuration Files

Any time you make changes to the router configuration, you must save the
changes to memory because if you do not they will be lost if there is a system
reload or power outage. There are two types of configuration files: the running
(current operating) configuration and the startup configuration.

Use the following privileged mode commands to work with configuration files.

• configure terminal – modify the running configuration manually
from the terminal.
• show running-config – display the running configuration.
• show startup-config – display the startup configuration.
• copy running-config startup-config – copy the running
configuration to the startup configuration.
• copy startup-config running-config – copy the startup
configuration to the running configuration.
• erase startup-config – erase the startup-configuration in NVRAM.
• copy tftp running-config – load a configuration file stored on a
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server into the running
• copy running-config tftp – store the running configuration on a
TFTP server.

IP Address Configuration

Take the following steps to configure the IP address of an interface.

Step 1: Enter privileged EXEC mode:

 Router>enable password

Step 2: Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration

 Router#config terminal

Step 3: Enter the interface type slot/port (for Cisco 7000 series) or interface
type port (for Cisco 2500 series) to enter the interface configuration mode.


 Router (config)#interface ethernet 0/1

Step 4: Enter the IP address and subnet mask of the interface using the ip
address ipaddress subnetmask command.


 Router (config-if)#ip address

Step 5: Exit the configuration mode by pressing Ctrl-Z


Routing Protocol Configuration

Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Step 1: Enter privileged EXEC mode:

 Router>enable password

Step 2: Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration

 Router#config terminal

Step 3: Enter the router rip command

 Router(config)#router rip

Step 4: Add the network number to use RIP and repeat this step for all the

 Router(config-router)#network network-number

 Example: Router(config-router)#network

Note: To turn off RIP, use the no router rip command.

 Router(config)#no router rip

Other useful commands

• Specify a RIP Version

By default, the software receives RIP version 1 and version 2 packets, but sends
only version 1 packets. To control which RIP version an interface sends, use one
of the following commands in interface configuration mode:



ip rip send version 1

Configure an interface to send only RIP
version 1 packets.

ip rip send version 2

Configure an interface to send only RIP
version 2 packets.

ip rip send version 1

Configure an interface to send only RIP
version 1 and version 2 packets.

To control how packets received from an interface are processed, use one of the
following commands:



ip rip receive version 1

Configure an interface to accept only
RIP version 1 packets.

ip rip receive version 2

Configure an interface to accept only
RIP version 2 packets

ip rip receive version 1

Configure an interface to accept only
RIP version 1 or 2 packets.

• Enable or Disable Split Horizon

Use one of the following commands in interface configuration mode:



ip split-horizon

Enable split horizon.

no ip split-horizon

Disable split horizon.

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

Step 1: Enter privileged EXEC mode:

 Router>enable password

Step 2: Enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration

 Router#config terminal

Step 3: Enter the router ospf command and follow by the process-id.

 Router(config)#router ospf process-id

Pick the process-id which is not being used. To determine what ids
are being used, issue the show process command.

 Router(config)#show process

Step 4: Add the network number, mask and area-id

 Router(config-router)#network network-number mask area area-id

The network-number identifies the network using OSPF. The mask tells which
bits to use from the network-number, and the area-id is used for determining
areas in an OSPF configuration.


 Router(config-router)#network area

Repeat this step for all the network numbers.

To turn off OSPF, use the following command.

 Router(config)#no router ospf process-id

Other useful commands

• Configure OSPF Interface Parameters

You are not required to alter any of these parameters, but some interface
parameters must be consistent across all routers in an attached network.

In interface configuration mode, specify any of the following:



ip ospf cost cost

Explicitly specify the cost of sending a
packet on an OSPF interface.

ip ospf retransmit-interval

Specify the number of seconds between
link state advertisement retransmissions
for adjacencies belonging to an OSPF

ip ospf transmit-delay

Set the estimated number of seconds it
takes to transmit a link state update
packet on an OSPF interface.

ip ospf priority number

Set router priority to help determine the
OSPF designated router for a network.

ip ospf hello-interval

Specify the length of time, in seconds,
between the hello packets that a router
sends on an OSPF interface.

ip ospf dead-interval

Set the number of seconds that a
router’s hello packets must not have
been seen before its neighbors declare
the OSPF router down.

ip ospf authentication-key

Assign a specific password to be used
by neighboring OSPF routers on a
network segment that is using OSPF’s
simple password authentication.

Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP)

• Create the IGRP Routing Process

To create the IGRP routing process, use the following required commands
starting in global configuration mode.





router igrp

Enable an IGRP routing process, which
place you in router configuration mode.


network network-

Associate networks with an IGRP
routing process.

• Disable Holddown

The holddown mechanism is used to help avoid routing loop in the network, but
has the effect of increasing the topology convergence time.

To disable holddowns with IGRP, use the following command in router
configuration mode. All devices in an IGRP autonomous system must be
consistent in their use of holddowns.



No metric holddown

Disable the IGRP holddown

• Enforce a Maximum Network Diameter

Define a maximum diameter to the IGRP network. Routes whose hop counts
exceed this diameter are not advertised. The default maximum diameter is 100
hops. The maximum diameter is 255 hops.

Use the following command in router configuration mode.



metric maximum-hops

Configure the maximum network

• To turn off IGRP, use the following command.

 Router(config)#no router igrp autonomous-system

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

• Enable BGP Routing

Use the following commands in global configuration mode.





router bgp autonomous-

Enable a BGP routing
process, which places you in
router configuration mode.


network network-number
[mask network-mask] [route-
map route-map-name]

Flag a network as local to this
autonomous system and enter
it to the BGP table.

• Configure BGP Neighbors

BGP must completely understand the relationships it has with its neighbors.



neighbor {ip-address | peer-
group-name} remote-as number

Specify a BGP neighbor.

• Reset BGP Connections

Use either of the following commands in EXEC mode to reset BGP connections



clear ip bgp address

Reset a particular BGP

clear ip bgp *

Reset all BGP connections.

• To turn off BGP, use the following command.

Router(config)#no router bgp autonomous-system

How to read router/link status

Status of router and links can be easily determined by power LED of router and
link LED of each interface (if any). However, you may find a transceiver
connected to an AUI port looks like the following:

When this transceiver is correctly connected, the “POWER” LED should light.
Similarly, the “LINK” and “POLARITY” LEDs should light when you inserted the
cable into the RJ45 socket on the transceiver. (Note that to get this result; the
other end of the cable should be connected to some other devices as well.) If
these LEDs are not light, you probably have problems with the link (cable).


Configure Powerful Internet protocol routing on Linksys Modem With regard to CCNA

Configure Powerful Internet protocol routing on Linksys Modem With regard to CCNA

This information will show you how to manage powerful IP redirecting on your Linksys modem. This includes setting up Tear routing process in order to share routing information between routers on your network. This information is designed for Cisco certified network associate students, network engineers, and anyone looking to deploy the actual Tear routing process.
Dynamic IP routing is a superb device to talk about redirecting info between your network hubs. This means that instead of entering your network redirecting information in each router by hand, you can manage your own system routers to switch their routing information between each other peoples dynamically. To do this, you can simply allow a dynamic redirecting process such as Tear, EIGRP, as well as OSPF. Consequently, every modem will promote it's connected subnetworks to its nearby hubs.

The Linksys router facilitates only one dynamic routing process, that Tear (Redirecting Information Process). Read the following instructions in order to configure RIP in your Linksys router:
Step one: Open your preferred internet browser software, and enter the IP address 192.168.1.One in the address field. Then push Enter.
Step 2: Within the certification dialog box, go into the administrator's password. The actual default values tend to be admin/admin for the username/password. However, upon a few Linksys router platforms, the actual fall behind worth for that login name may be the empty but for the security password is actually administrative.
Step three: Click Set up.
Step four: Click on Sophisticated Redirecting.
Step 5: In the Powerful Routing area, click on Allow to be able to activate Tear. Otherwise, click on Disable.
Step six: In the Transfer Tear Edition drop-down checklist, pick a RIP version the router will use to transmit redirecting information to its neighbours. Choose Disable if you don't want to share the actual router's redirecting information using its neighbor.
Action 7: In the Receive RIP Version drop-down checklist, pick a RIP version that the router allows. Select Disable if you would like the router disregards the actual routing info received from it's neighbors.
Action Eight: Click on Save Settings.

Click here for more information regarding . These lessons are also helpful for college students.


Belkin D Wireless Router

Belkin D Wireless Router

Do you may well have your notebook similarly from residence as well as have developed a larger velocity world-wide-web connection, but have not purchased your wireless network hubs nonetheless. Acquiring t wireless routers is incredibly complicated particularly if you aren't therefore conscious of your own terminology or are certainly not much too confident issues to go looking with regard to. This information will assist you to result in the best alternative.
When examining n acquiring a radio router usually search for for its speed and satisfaction amounts simply just as this really is critical when it includes talking about or even heading info. Think about in mind the extra capabilities with the router for instance balance, variety as well as the actual ports offered. A highly-trained store assistant ought to possess the power to advise you relating to this. You would should also possess recommended of just only the quantity of you are well prepared to take a position as you may discover several hubs showcased within the range of designs, measurements by distinctive tends to make.

A single particular model of hubs may be the Belkin N router. Belkin is really a well-known organization decorating a person with assorted networking objects to match up the requirements of varied consumers for their pc techniques together with features a type of additional electronics.
The excellent aspect in relation to its the actual Belkin N wi-fi router will likely be the fact you will find also usb port spot that will enable the customer to incorporate his/her certainly have outside storage device. This particular exterior push might after that be employed to discuss concerns with regards to the system. The Belkin N wireless router enables its purchasers to talk about almost all their pics, sound and lots of other files among other networked potential buyers merely!
The actual Belkin D wi-fi router is known for it's greater determine amounts as well as indication pace. Just before obtaining your Belkin N wi-fi modem with that said, you'll want an incredible net broadband internet connection, ideally a good Ethernet relationship, for that modem to function successfully. The Belkin N router comes with a guidelines , Installation guidebook as well as Little disc to establish set up simpler to execute all on your own inside your very own home, assisting you manage your router and accessibility the net inside some moments!

N wi-fi hubs might not be minimal highly-priced to choose from nevertheless it's selected to produce fairly priced! Even though modem might be bought from a number of on the internet retailers for example Amazon . com, it is rather most effective that you simply basically invest in it within the exceptional pc or electronic keep within your region to generate positive that you just may have a great view it previous to you creating you receive the car or even vehicle.
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Belkin Router Set up Step Through Action Directions With regard to Pppoe Settings

Belkin Router Set up Step Through Action Directions With regard to Pppoe Settings

Wireless routers possess quickly become a norm in households as well as businesses where greater than two computers can be found. A radio modem will provide you with wi-fi entry within a specific area. Nevertheless, there are several problems that you might face together with your router, thereby making you to definitely search for Belkin modem support, Linksys router assistance and more. The next paragraph will guide you as to how you can manage your Belkin router according to your internet service provider that uses PPPOE.
Actions with regard to Belkin Router Set up
The next coaching can help you correctly configure your router and more importantly, help you get wi-fi online connectivity. You may not need any belkin router assistance services for this since actually a novice would be able to manage the router using these steps, considering it is not all to easy to perform as well as figure on your own:
The initial step demands you to hook up your Belkin router by connecting the right ports using the needed wires.
Click Mozilla Firefox or any other internet browser that you employ.
In the deal with bar of your web browser, type 192.168.Two.1 and hit key in after that.
The display will now show the menu of Belkin modem. The next step is to select link type.
Once you click on, you will be asked or perhaps a password. Enter the password and in case you haven't changed this yet, you have to depart the required area empty.
You'll be forwarded to the actual Wide Region System (WAN) link kind. You now need to select PPPOE and then click on the subsequent button.
The actual PPPOE screen will seem asking you for any password. These two details could have been presented to you by your isp. Merely complete the actual areas with the information as well as go on to select the button; utilize modifications. Your own router has been successfully set up.
The above actions should adequately satisfy the requirement for Belkin router assistance, particularly when you need to set up your modem for a PPPOE settings.


Backup As well as Recover Linksys Router's Configuration For Cisco certified network associate Certification

Backup As well as Recover Linksys Router's Configuration For Cisco certified network associate Certification

This information will demonstrate how to manage the actual router's configuration document. Including copying as well as restoring the router's settings settings. This article is created for Cisco certified network associate college students, system technical engineers, and anybody seeking to handle the actual Linksys cellular router's configuration file.
The Linksys router enables you to backup and recover its configuration file. Therefore, this saves a significant amount of time when the router's configuration document is damaged, or when you want to copy the router's settings configurations in to another Linksys modem.
Read the subsequent directions to be able to back-up the router's settings settings:
Step 1: Open up your favorite web browser software, as well as enter the Ip 192.168.1.One in the actual deal with area. Then continue Key in.
Step two: In the authentication discussion container, enter the administrator's username and password. The fall behind values are admin/admin for that username/password. Nevertheless, on a few Linksys router systems, the default worth for the login name is the blank and for the security password is "admin" without quotes.
Step three: Click on Management.
Step four: Click Backup & Recover.
Step five: Click on Backup in order to save the actual router's settings.
Step 6: Choose the location where you can keep document, after which click on Okay.
Read the subsequent directions to be able to restore the actual router's configuration configurations:
Step 1: Open up your favorite web browser software, as well as enter the IP address 192.168.One.1 in the address area. After that press Enter.
Step 2: In the certification discussion container, go into the administrator's username and password. The fall behind ideals are admin/admin for that username/password. Nevertheless, on some Linksys router systems, the fall behind value for the login name may be the empty but for the password is "admin" with out estimates.
Step 3: Click on Administration.
Step four: Click Backup & Recover.
Step five: Click on Browse to be able to choose the document to restore, and then click on Open up.
Step 6: Click on Restore, and then click on Ok.


A Quick Principle to Linksys Wireless Router Set up

A Quick Principle to Linksys Wireless Router Set up

router set up isn't as difficult as you may possibly think. If you have in no way plugged a radio router within in front of, if you don't be aware of big difference among ethernet and cable, don't fret, setting up a router is really as easy as plugging the Dvd and blu-ray participant into the Tv.

You do not will need to alter world wide web businesses, you will not will need to spend further fees, simply get ahold of the router and the relaxation is easy.

The very first problem you will need to perform with regard to Linksys router setup is simply plug the modem to your broadband internet net connection. That's it. No special products needed. Simply plug the actual router into your web.
You may perhaps possess issues with online connectivity if you end up being nevertheless having an more mature pc. Any kind of apple computers, Computers, notebooks or laptops developed in the very last number of many years must have built-in cellular capabilities, but older pcs it will not be constructed with regard to cellular online connectivity.
Thankfully, this really is rapidly addressed with a cellular system adapter. They are affordable small products that you can just connect to your laptop or computer. You'll need a single adaptor for each and every more mature computer in your router's network, also it can end up being greatest to make use of the very same brand name as the router to make sure match ups, therefore for Linksys router setup, obtain a Linksys adapter, with regard to Netgear setup, obtain a Netgear adapter and so forth.
After that, you really should make use of the application that comes with your own router to install the new hardware to enable your pc to identify the actual modem. If the router didn't come with any kind of computer software, or if the computer software is incompatible with your running program, check out dual clicking on your web internet browser to ascertain if there's an auto-set up option.
If not, you will want to connect your " cable " internet in once more, and find out if you're able to obtain the installation computer software on the internet.
Subsequent you will want to set your security designs. You'll be prompted to enter your cellular network name, and to choose wireless file encryption (WEP) or Wi-Fi safeguarded ease of access (WPA) to guard your system. You may after that wish to produce an admin security password as well as save your configurations.
Home windows primarily based pcs are inclined to be the the majority of compatible and easiest to connect to a wireless router, but any kind of computer along with web abilities needs to be compatible when you get ahold from the setup software applications.
And that regarding does it. It actually is as easy because which. Everyone is switching to wi-fi these days, therefore it genuinely is actually structured to become sort of "Plug and Play". Plug it in, setup this, set your own security designs, and that ought to do it.

A method to Setup Wireless Protection On Linksys Routers

A method to Setup Wireless Protection On Linksys Routers

This particular paper may exhibit you the way to setup the Wireless Security function on the Linksys modem in order to enable file encryption on your cellular network. This information is designed for Cisco certified network associate college students, network technical engineers, and anyone seeking to secure cellular communications using the Linksys wireless router. This article falls underneath the Cisco certified network associate syllabus's objective "Explain and select the appropriate administrative duties required for the WLAN".
The first thing to be produced at the time of cellular phone a person Linksys cellular networking modem consists in placement the actual router smartly according to the zone that you wish to include. Nevertheless, It's not uncommon that the actually covered zone possibly mostly bigger than the desired 1, whereby it is not possible to reduce the power of the actual router's access point to adapt it's range to the zone to be covered. But, The best option would be to enable encryption involving the Linksys router and also the computers/devices in your system. To prevent the issues associated with discretion from the exchanges in your cellular network, regular 802.11 integrates a simple mechanism of html coding from the information, it is WEP (Wired are equivalent privacy).
Wireless systems let you connect with the web, reveal files, and play video games easily. However, their drawback is your wireless exercise could be taken through anyone hooking up to your cellular system. Therefore, your critical information, for example e-mail passwords and credit card information could be taken effortlessly. To circumvent this problem, the actual Linksys router allows you to encrypt your system marketing communications on your wireless system. To do this, you have 4 security setting:
- WEP.* WPA.- WPA2.* WPA mixed.
The most safe setting is actually WPA2. Read the following directions to be able to secure cellular communications in your network:
Step one: Open your preferred internet browser software, as well as go into the Ip 192.168.1.One in the deal with area. After that press Key in.
Step 2: Within the certification dialog box, go into the administrator's password. The fall behind ideals are admin/admin for that username/password.
Nevertheless, on a few Linksys modem systems, the fall behind value for the username is the blank and for the password is administrative.
Step 3: Open up the actual Wireless tabs.
Step 4: Click on .
Step 5: In the Security Setting drop-down list, select either WEP or even WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal, or WPA2-Mixed. Otherwise, choose Eliminate.
Step 6: For those who have chosen the WEP mode, after that decide which Transmit Key to make use of, select a level of WEP encryption, and key in whether passphrase or even Four keys within the suitable text containers. Otherwise, go into the file encryption password within the Passphrase text container and also the amount of the time that the router may wait restoring the secrets in the Group Crucial Renewal textual content container.
Action Seven: Click Conserve Configurations.


A glance at Linksys Wi-fi Routers

A glance at Linksys Wi-fi Routers

Linksys wi-fi
hubs tend to be a good previous firm. Truthfully, they have been approximately due to the fact the 1980's, long ago once the only systems accessible wound up being present in company places of work.
You may say that Linksys was one of several founding fathers within the ultimate cellular net movements, finding with a few significantly superb, rapid, remarkable, reliable wi-fi networking merchandise properly before the world had captured upon.

What makes Linksys wireless routers so good currently is generally that their screening ground remains the company world. Normal web end users once we take place to get, we don't have huge amount of money in order to pour right into a network system getting developed just for us. A corporate Chief executive officer, conversely, does.
Therefore every time a company wants a terrific wireless neighborhood set up, these people fork out a company such as Linksys wireless routers a substantial charge to have it upward and dealing. The determine end result is always that the actual options as well as techniques produced with these large, extended expression contracts at some point trickle their method right down to us, and by the time we get'em, the study and development stage is much more compared to and accomplished along with, so we pay away nuts for that completed products.
The routers we're using at this time originate from many years of screening as well as fine tuning. When you are acquiring paid out a 6 or even 7 numbers to create a system, you can wager you are heading to put your finest feet forward about the problem. What exactly we are obtaining isn't just chintzy minor plastic material containers that mail world wide web through the space, we are getting the comparable very high-priced evaluation and improvement the functional males purchase, in a microscopic small fraction around the cost.
In case the overwhelmingly positive opinions towards the Linksys wrt54g are any suggestion, we'd state that this "trickle down" technique is effective just high-quality. We allow Expenses Entrance and Steven Forbes pay the huge amount of money in order to excellent the actual technology, so we relax again as well as go through the advantages.
The fundamental at-home variations, despite the fact that less heavy-duty, tend to be however created within the similar heavy-duty technology which Linksys utilizes for your significant network routers, and also the near consequence is simply excellent functionality.
Should you have not nonetheless, go forward as well as jump inside the cellular on the internet revolution currently. It is extremely a bit a lot more easy, it is less complicated, it truly is faster, and many importantly, because of some many hundreds of countless dollars tossed regarding through big name Entrepreneurs, it's very inexpensive lately to switch from your out-of-date " cable " modem into a wireless Linksys device.
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